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Fuller Ancestors

FULLER - The English side of the family

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Sebastian8 Fuller, (Charles7, Pulaski6, Sumner5, Joseph4, Josiah3, Jeremiah2, John1 Fuller of Newton).

Fuller Family
The Children of John Fuller and Elizabeth Cole were:
John Jr.; Elizabeth; Jonathan; Joseph; Joshua; Jeremiah; Bethia and Isaac.
The family grew up on the "Fuller Farm" in an area south and across the Charles River from the town of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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THE FULLER FAMILY information on this Genealogy website is the result of the research on our Ancestor JOHN FULLER OF NEWTON born 1611, England, died 1698, Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

John Fuller was one of the first settlers of Newton arriving in 1644. His wife, Elizabeth Cole, was baptized 1 January 1622 in St Peter and St Paul church in Lavenham, Suffolk, England (picture on the left).

The Fullers were Puritans although did not arrive with the John Winthrop group in 1630; however, Winthrop was from the town of 'Groton' not far from Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

The name 'John Fuller of Newton' was coined by early New England historians because there were three John Fullers who immigrated to New England prior to 1650 and as far as we know we are not related to either 'John Fuller of Ipswich' nor 'John Fuller of Lynn'.

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John Fuller of Newton

Eriksen Ancestors

ERIKSEN - The Danish side of the family.

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The ERIKSEN family information on this genealogy website was transcribed from the Family History book written by Lars Eriksen, Gandrup, Aalborg County, 1997.


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