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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R28 Alberta Provincial Archives fullereriksen 
2 REPO13 allen_county; americana DonFuller 
3 R27 American Baptist Historical Records fullereriksen 
4 REPO14 Ancestry Roots Web DonFuller 
5 R8 Ancestry.com fullereriksen 
6 REPO8 Ancestry.com DonFuller 
7 R3 Ancestry.com (online database) Dechanet 
8 R1 Archives départementales de Haute-Marne, fr Dechanet 
9 R4 Archives of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul, Minnesota fullereriksen 
10 R39 Buckman and Bucknam Research fullereriksen 
11 R30 Cemeteries in Maine, USA fullereriksen 
12 R46 Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Queens Park Cemetery fullereriksen 
13 R19 Cemetery, Faribault, Rice, MN, Calvary Cemetery fullereriksen 
14 R20 Cemetery, Faribault, Rice, MN, Oak Ridge (Grove) fullereriksen 
15 R43 Cemetery, Gallipolis, Gallia, OH, Mound Hill Cemetery fullereriksen 
16 R33 Cemetery, Lowell,Chesterville, Maine fullereriksen 
17 R44 Cemetery, Marietta, Washington, OH, Mound Cemetery fullereriksen 
18 R26 Cemetery, St Paul, MN Forest Lawn Memorial Park fullereriksen 
19 R7 Cemetery, Wabasha, MN, Riverview fullereriksen 
20 R45 Cemetery, Wayne, Kennebec, ME, Evergreen Cemetery fullereriksen 
21 R2 Centre Genealogique de Haute-Marne fr Dechanet 
22 R31 Charleston County Archives fullereriksen 
23 R29 Citizenship and Immigration Canada fullereriksen 
24 R47 City Hall, Newton, Massachusets fullereriksen 
25 R37 Family History Library, Utah fullereriksen 
26 R18 Faribault, Divine Mercy Catholic Church fullereriksen 
27 REPO4 Garfield Families of America DonFuller 
28 REPO12 Geni.com/myHeritage -- online DonFuller 
29 R21 Hudson's Bay Company Archives fullereriksen 
30 REPO16 Jenny Willis, Ohio, USA DonFuller 
31 REPO10 Madeline B. DonFuller 
32 REPO2 Matthew Keefe Jr. DonFuller 
33 REPO9 Michigan Department of Community Health DonFuller 
34 R9 Minnesota Historical Society and State Archives fullereriksen 
35 R14 National Archives USA fullereriksen 
36 R12 National Archives, Canada Collections and Library fullereriksen 
37 REPO7 New England Historic Genealogical Society DonFuller 
38 R22 New England Historic Genealogical Society fullereriksen 
39 REPO1 New Haven Colony Historical Society DonFuller 
40 R10 North Dakota State Historical Society fullereriksen 
41 R35 Peel's Prairie Provinces, University of Alberta Libraries fullereriksen 
42 R32 Phillips Academy, Andover MA fullereriksen 
43 R2 Research Material, W. Fuller fullereriksen 
44 R38 Research Notes, B Jones fullereriksen 
45 REPO15 Robert Dunlap DonFuller 
46 R49 Slægtsforskning(Genealogy) forskning (Research) Materiale (Material) fullereriksen 
47 REPO6 Suffolk County Records Office (SRO) DonFuller 
48 R48 Suffolk Records Office (SRO) fullereriksen 
49 R50 The LDS Church fullereriksen 
50 R15 University of Illinois Library fullereriksen 
51 REPO5 University of Wisconsin DonFuller 
52 R1 Vital Records, Alberta, Canada fullereriksen 
53 R40 Vital Records, Archives départementales de Haute-Marne, FR fullereriksen 
54 R41 Vital Records, British Columbia, Canada fullereriksen 
55 R34 Vital Records, Maine, USA fullereriksen 
56 R17 Vital Records, Minnesota, USA fullereriksen 
57 R42 Vital Records, Quebec, Canada fullereriksen 
58 R23 Vital Records, Vermont, USA fullereriksen 
59 REPO11 Viveca Carlsson, Sweden DonFuller 
60 R16 Wabasha County Records Department - County Court House fullereriksen 
61 R13 Wabasha County Registrar of Titles fullereriksen 
62 R5 Wabasha Public Library fullereriksen 
63 R6 Wabasha, St Felix Catholic Church fullereriksen 
64 R11 Wisconsin Historical Society fullereriksen 

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