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101 Babe was rejected for service because of his health issues. Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
102 Baptims record spells the last name as Crête Cratte, Martha (I815)
103 Baptised 29 Sept, 1626, in St Mary's Greenleaf, Judith (I2267)
104 Baptism Date Greenleaf, Captain Edmund (I5935)
105 Baptism date Greenleaf, Elizabeth (I2222)
106 Baptism date Greenleaf, Abigail (I2221)
107 Baptism date Greenleaf, Samuel (I2217)
108 Baptism Date Griggs, Hannah (I2115)
109 Baptism date Death, William (I1979)
110 Baptism date Death, William (I1978)
111 Baptism date Day, Susan (I1977)
112 Baptism date Day, Thomas (I1976)
113 Baptism date Day, Thomas (I1975)
114 Baptism date Davis, Mary (I66)
115 Baptism date Bacon, George Sr. (I65)
116 Baptism date Greenwood, Thomas (I41)
117 Baptism Date - Anne dawtr of James Fuller Fuller, Anne (I134)
118 Baptism Date - James sonne of James Fuller [sic] Fuller, James (I136)
119 Baptism Date - Marie dautr of James Fuller [sic] Fuller, Marie (I137)
120 Baptism Date and Place Fuller, Nathaniel (I2067)
121 Baptism Date as recorded in the Watertown Vital Records;
John, ch. Nathanael and Bethiah (Fuller), bp. Nov. 23, 1690 
Bond, John (I2136)
122 Baptism date at the South Parish Congregational Church in Andover, MA Fuller, Sarah Eliza (I4595)
123 Baptism date shown on record is 16 March 1642 [42/43] Nelson, Abraham (I1981)
124 Baptism date used Fuller, George (I1889)
125 Baptism date, at St. Mary's. Greenleaf, Ensign Stephen Sr. (I5932)
126 Baptism date, St Mary's Greenleaf, Daniel (I2268)
127 Baptism date, St Mary's Greenleaf, Nathaniel (I2266)
128 Baptism date, St Mary's Greenleaf, Elizabeth (I2265)
129 Baptism date, St Mary's Greenleaf, Sarah (I2264)
130 Baptism date, St Mary's Greenleaf, Enoch (I2261)
131 Baptism record of Nancy shows mother's name as Bleily. Bleily, Caroline (I961)
132 Baptism record shows last name as Dion Dion, Walter William (I5813)
133 Baptism Record: - Robrt sonne of Jamys Fuller [sic] Fuller, Robert (I135)
134 Baptism records for Mary & Cecily show her name as Hattie Bernier, Sophia "Hattie" (I962)
135 Baptism: 22 Mar 1664; Records from First Church in Boston 1630-1669 Balston, Abigail (I2087)
136 Baptist Parsonage North Family F1037
137 Baptized 4 July 1897, Wabasha, MN Cratte, John "Oliver" (I963)
138 Baptized 6 May 1832 Fuller, Abigail Jackson (I2001)
139 Baptized 8 Dec 1753; Her mother may be Elizabeth Harlow Gardner, Susannah "Polly" (I2782)
140 Baptized July 1799, Second Church, Newton Fuller, Lieutenant Sumner (I57)
141 Battle of Eylau Déchanet, Jean Baptiste (I8199)
142 bekræftet 1855 -- confirmed 1855 Nielsdatter, Mette Marie (I100)
143 Betsy is a nickname for Elizabeth Harvey, Elizabeth "Betsy" (I2273)
144 Birth Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; BIRTH: Caleb, s. John and Abigail, Feb. 24, 1701-2.
Fuller, Caleb (I2096)
145 Birth Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; BIRTH: Edward, s. Joseph and Lidia [dup. Lydia], Mar. 7, 1694 Fuller, Edward (I2129)
146 Birth Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; BIRTH: Isaac, s. Joseph and Lidia [dup. Lydia], Mar. 16, 1698. Fuller, Isaac (I2130)
147 Birth Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; BIRTH: Jonathan, s. John and Abigail, Feb. 13, 1698 Fuller, Jonathan (I2094)
148 Birth Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; Josuah, s. Josuah and Anna, Mar. 2, 1746-7. Fuller, Lieutenant Josuah Jr. (I2061)
149 Birth Date as recorded in the Watertown Vital Records; BIRTH:
Nathanell, s. Nathanell and Beththiah (Fuller), Mar. 3, 1685/6, Baptized Jan. 9, 1686-7 
Bond, Nathaniel (I2135)
150 Birth Date as recorded in the Watertown Vital Records; BIRTH: Nathanell, s. Willyam and Sary (Bisco), Jan. 9, 1658-9. [ 9: 11m: 1659. (Same date)]9 1 1659 Bond, Lieutenant Nathaniel (I2134)
151 Birth name: Oskar Fredrik Hansson (see birth source) - The family is not aware of why or how the last name was changed. Perhaps during immigration. Herbert, Oscar "Nels" (I258)
152 Birth, Marriage, Death, etc available at Alberta Registeries Repository Source: (R1)
153 Book also in The Family History Library, 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT., 84150 Source Source: S1 (S1)
154 Born by the St Peter's River Wells, Sarah Cratte (I968)
155 Born on the family farm south of Irvine Ohlhausen, Elma (I259)
156 Both Babe and Elma were Baptised and joined the United Church in Rockyford Fuller, Sebastian "Babe" (I248)
157 Both birth and death records show "Minda" as well as her grave stone and the Probate records for her father Fuller, Minda (I1894)
158 bp. date Stephens, Tamzen (I2272)
159 Brequin ? Brequin, Didière (I6130)
160 Bruial date Greenleaf, Enoch (I2261)
161 Burial date Greenleaf, Nathaniel (I2266)
162 Burial date Greenleaf, Samuel (I2262)
163 Burial date. Name shown as Susan Nellson Nelson, Susan (I1982)
164 Burial record date Unknown, Unknown (I2312)
165 Burial record shows death date at the age of 93; calculated birth date is 1837. BUT the St Felix cemetery listing shows that he was born in 1856. Died of old age. Death place = Jim Ward Cratte, Daniel E. (I808)
166 Burnaby General Hospital. Vaughan, Roberta "Bert" Francis (I440)
167 but could be 31 Jan 1830 in 2005 xls, without parents listed on DecennialTables. Déchanet, Anne-Zélie (I8064)
168 but she died within one year. Family F51
169 by accidental shooting on Grandparents (Charles Fuller) farm. Vaughan, Raymond Kenneth (I439)
170 By Master William Audouart, Notre Dame De Quebec; Marie brought 8 children into the family Family F1234
171 Camp Dennison Fuller, Rev. Pulaski "Woodman" (I28)
172 Catholic Church Cemetery for the area Repository Source: (R19)
173 Cemetery Record on findagrave Fuller, Elizabeth (I5848)
174 Cemetery stone says 1807 - 1857 Buisson, Joseph Sr. (I766)
175 Charles and Grace moved back to Carbon into one of the smaller houses down in the flats where they lived until Grace died in 1932 Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
176 Charles bought the S1/2 of SE1/4 of Sec 29, Twp 130, R 34 in Todd County in Minnesota for $100. This 80 acres connected directly to the 160 acres that his father purchased 10 April 1882. Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
177 Charles initially came to Calgariy in 1902 and worked as a dray driver and then as a street car driver. He moved the framily in 1904. He then homesteaded and then was a farmer/rancher as many of his sons grew up as farm hands and cowboys.
In 1902, Carbon was part of the Northwest Territories as Alberta did not become a province until 1 Sept 1905. 
Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
178 Charles mortgaged the farm to built a new rail spur and were in the process of building the new entrance to the Fuller mine when the mine ran out of coal. Everything was lost and Charles was left with nothing. Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
179 Charles purchased 157.31 acres of land in the NE 11-29-23 W4, that had a flat spot on the south side of the Carbon river coulee but also included an area that covered part of the coulee. This land carried the mineral rights and this is where the Fuller Coal Mine was located. Charles also built a smaller house on the upper flat just above the mine where the family lived while they operated the rooming house below. Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
180 Charles received the land title deed and ownership for his homestead land on NW 2-29-23-W4 Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
181 Charles was granted Canadian Citizenship. Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
182 Cheyenne River Agency McLaughlin, Marie Imelda (I1937)
183 Christen Pedersen Spliid 11.7.1665-20.12.1732 var præst og blev provst i Vreilev [Hjørring]. Med sin kone Anna Catrine Lauridsdatter Bjørn 1671 - 17?? som var præstedatter, fik han femten børn:
Ane Christensdatter Spliid, f.1694, d.1788
Laurids Bjørn Christensen Spliid, f.6.9.1695, d.23.3.1769
Peder Christensen Spliid, f.26.9.1696, d.1.7.1739
Jens Christensen Spliid, f.26.9.1696, d.1.4.1742
Helvig Christensdatter Spliid, f.11.11.1697, d.1750
Cecilie Christensdatter Spliid, f.?, d.?
Karen Christensdatter Spliid, f.?, d.1704
Ulrik Christensen Spliid, f.?, d.?
Juliane Christensdatter Spliid, f.?, d.1710
Ane Catrine Christensdatter Spliid, f.15.8.1706,d.24.6.1785
Niels Christensen Spliid, f.1707d.26.10.1787
Elisabeth Christensdatter Spliid, f.?, d.?
Christiane Christensdatter Spliid, f.?, d.1788
Peder Bjørn Christensen Spliid, f.1718, d.1718
Christen Bjørn Christensen Spliid, f.1718, d.1718

Flere af sønnerne blev præster, og flere af døtrene blev præstekoner. 
Spliid, Christen Petersen (I165)
184 Christen Pedersen Spliid 11.7.1665-20.12.1732 was a pastor and became dean in Vreilev [Hjørring]. With his wife Anna Catrine Lauridsdatter Bjørn 1671-17? who was a pastor's daughter, he had fifteen children:

Ane Christensdatter Spliid, b.1694, d.1788
Laurids Bjorn Christensen Spliid, b.6.9.1695, d.23.3.1769
Peder Christensen Spliid, b.26.9.1696, d.1.7.1739
Jens Christensen Spliid, b.26.9.1696, d.1.4.1742
Helvig Christensdatter Spliid, f.11.11.1697, d.1750
Cecilie Christensen Daughter Spliid, b?, d?
Karen Christensdatter Spliid, b?, d.1704
Ulrik Christensen Spliid, b?, d?
Juliane Christensdatter Spliid, b?, d.1710
Ane Catrine Christensen Daughter Spliid, f.15.8.1706, d.24.6.1785
Niels Christensen Spliid, b.1707d.26.10.1787
Elisabeth Christen Daughter Spliid, b?, d?
Christiane Christensdatter Spliid, b?, d.1788
Peter Bjørn Christensen Spliid, b.1718, d.1718
Christian Bjørn Christensen Spliid,bf.1718, d.1718

Several of his sons became pastors, and several daughters were pastor’s wives. 
Spliid, Christen Petersen (I165)
185 Christened 1897-JAN-03 Herbert, Oscar "Nels" (I258)
186 Church, Immulate Conception Family F560
187 Church, Immulate Conception Family F553
188 committed to a detention hospital - symptoms of insanity - threatened to kill members of the family with an axe Fuller, Myron (I224)
189 Company "E", 6 Ohio Infantry, Camp Dennison. Fuller, Rev. Pulaski "Woodman" (I28)
190 Company I, Fourth Regimate of MN Volunteers Wells, Mark (I971)
191 complications from Diabetes. Ward, Benjamin Vessey (I5)
192 Concluded from the various census that she had no children of her own Fuller, Millie E. (I5853)
193 Contact was Heather at stfelixchurch@yahoo.com
Repository Source: (R6)
194 could be either Gurgy-le-Château or Gurgy-la-Ville. Argenton, Prudent (I6143)
195 Couple had 8 children according to researchers. Chapelier, Marie (I6726)
196 Cremated Weber, Knoute Rockne "Rocky" (I1577)
197 Cremated Meier, Howard (I1576)
198 Crow Creek Reservation Co-Ke-Pa, Sarah (I1963)
199 Crow Creek Reservation Co-Ke-Pa, Sarah (I1963)
200 Data in Folder: Source Source: S235 (S235)

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