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201 Data in Folder: Source Source: S236 (S236)
202 date from riverview Harrell, Eliza Jane (I818)
203 date from the 1896 book Greenleaf, Captain Tristram (I5930)
204 Daughter of Samuel Parken and Mary Ethyle Buckley Parken, Darlene Mary Elizabeth (I276)
205 Death Date as recorded in the Cambridge Vital Records; DEATH: Lydiah [dup. Lydia], w. Capt. Joseph, Jan. 12, 1725-6. [Lydia, a. 70. GR1] Jackson, Lydia (I2124)
206 Death date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records: John Sr., Feb.7,1698. [1697-8 GR1] Fuller, John Sr (I23)
207 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; Death: Hanah [dup. Hannah Hyde], w. Eliezer [dup. Eliezur], June 7, 1720.
At the time Newton was known as "Cambridge Village" 
Hyde, Hannah (I2106)
208 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; DEATH: John, Feb. 25, 1717-18. [Ens. John, a. 38 y. 10 m. GR1] Fuller, Ensign John (I2125)
209 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; DEATH: Jonathan, s. John and Abigail, Mar. 26, 169[torn] [dup. 1698]. Fuller, Jonathan (I2094)
210 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; Death: Joseph, Capt., Jan. 5, 1739-40. [a. 88. GR1 PR1] Fuller, Captain Joseph (I2123)
211 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; Death: Joshua, June27, 1752, a.98. GR1[Joshua Fuller Sr, a. 97.PR1] Fuller, Joshua (I2109)
212 Death Date as recorded in the Newton Vital Records; John, Jan 21, 1720-1. a. 75. GR1 [East Parish Burying] Fuller, John Jr. (I2086)
213 Death of Daughter, Lucy Woodman, Thomas (I2352)
214 Death record shows age 87 calculated, birth date is 1859 in Wabasha. 1900 Census shows b June 1856 Bernier, Sophia "Hattie" (I962)
215 Death Register of Boston 1841-1950 - for 1883
Death Date, 7 Sept 1883 
Source Source: S36 (S36)
216 died as a child Eriksen, Thøger Thomas (I547)
217 died as a child Eriksen, Thøger Peter (I546)
218 Died as a result of injuries in a mine accident at the Black Diamond Mine in Carbon, Alberta, earlier the same day Fuller, Alfred Michael (I244)
219 Died in a shipwreck offshore of Cape Breton Greenleaf, Ensign Stephen Sr. (I5932)
220 Died in bicycle accident. Reedy, James Jr. (I6760)
221 died of an aneurism Buisson, Joseph "Joe" (Captain) Jr. (I777)
222 died on the farm of his son, Carl Buchholz near Wentworth. Buchholz, Wilhelm "William" (I217)
223 Discharged from the Army Fuller, Milton "Glen" (I243)
224 dismissed from the Old South Church in Boston to the Phillips Street Church in South Boston. Fuller, Lieutenant Sumner (I57)
225 Divorced Family F415
226 Divorced 1919 Family F1054
227 duc de Lorraine, René II - Retenue de pmier huiss de salle donne ageorge guiot

Duke of Lorraine, Rene II - appointment - private rooms first officer -given to George GUIOT 
Guyot, Georges "Écuyer, (Knight)" (I6104)
228 Due to the French pronunciation of the surname ‘DION’ , which sounds like ‘d’young’, this surname was anglicized to ‘YOUNG’ in many of the early records and all of the later ones. Dion, Antoine Jr. (I816)
229 During PW's pension application and fact finding process he stated in an affidavit that he was recovering from injuries at a hospital in Kentucky when a doctor told him that he would never be able to go on long marches again. Therefore he applied for a discharge and instead received a leave of absence and ordered to home. Buried in his large army pension file were two pages with PW's pension ID at the top and the following account: “All charges of desertion prior to March 21, 1864 against this man are removed. He was treated in Regimental Hospital Oct 10, 1861 for boil; Feb1, 1862 for rheumatism and March 31, 1862 for constipation and entered No. 8 General Hospital, Bowling Green, KY., November 7, 1862 with acute rheumatism, disposition not stated. He was arrested March 3, 1864 by Provost marshal 2nd Dist. VT and delivered March 4, 1864 at Military Post Brattleboro, VT. He was tried before a general court martial for desertion, specification in this that he did desert from the hospital in Bowling Green, KY. He remained absent until apprehended at Vershire, Orange Co. in the state of Vermont, and returned to the Regiment April 18, 1864. He was found not guilty and thereupon acquitted. The proceedings, findings and acquittal were approved and promulgated in G.O. No.29 Hd Ins 3rd Div 4 A.C. dated April 30, 1864. The date when this man absented himself from the hospital and his whereabouts from that date to date of his arrest, cannot be ascertained from records.” The document is signed by R.C. Drum 'Adjutant General' but not dated. Fuller, Rev. Pulaski "Woodman" (I28)
230 During the 1812-1815 war Graham fought on the side of the British and in 1813 as a lieutenant was part of a force that was defeated by the American army lead by Col. Croghan at Lower Sandusky, Ohio. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
231 during the Indian uprising of 1862 Cratte, David (I802)
232 During the siege of Boston Fuller, Colonel Nathan (I2056)
233 During the war was treated for acute rheumatism and an affidavit in his pension file indicated that he suffered from inflammatory rheumatism. Fuller, Rev. Pulaski "Woodman" (I28)
234 Early Life
We can follow his earlier life through the movements of his father as a Baptist Minister to various small communities. We are sure that after his birth the family traveled to Barnard, VT and lived close to Zilpha's parents. In 1863 he was in Vershire and 1865 in Groton, VT. In 1868 he moved to North Troy, VT and in 1872 the family moved to Reynolds Twp, MN where his father was the Baptist Minister in Long Prairie and where Charles would have spent his teen age years. 
Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
235 either 8 or 23 Creste, Jean (I6707)
236 Elected Offices held in the town of Newton, MA:

HOGREEVE - 1743 (a former New England Officer responsible for impounding of stray hogs)
FISH REEVE - 1750-51
SELECTMAN - 1751, 56, 59, 60, 65
JOURY LIST - 1756, 60
WALTHAM BRIDGE - 1752 (Supplied Lumber)
Fuller, Ensign Josiah Sr. (I13)
237 Elected Offices held in the Town of Newton:

SELECTMAN - 1702-03, 1707-08, 1712, 1714-15, 1717-23, 1725-27 (Reimbursted 1714-15)
ASSESSOR - 1710-11, 1713, 1716 (Reimbursted 1716)
MODERATOR - 1714, 1717, 1721-23
Meeting House - 1696
Highways - 1711, 1713
New Meeting House - 1714
Court Petition - 1714
Ordination of Rev John Cotton - 1714
Building Meeting House 1718-19
Schools 1719-20
Oppose Court Petition re new minister - 1722
Court Petition to have 6 families worship in Roxbury - 1722
Schoolhouse site - 1723
Instruct General Court Rep - 1740
Rate a person & estate for Commissioner - 1688
Agreement with brothers re distribution of Fuller Farm - 1699
Find a way over smelt brook 1713-1726
Mend meeting house glass - 1716
Care of meeting hose - 1720, 23, 25, 26
Rate one poll and assess estate value - 1717
New road through the Fuller Farm - 1730 
Fuller, Lieutenant Jeremiah Sr. (I15)
238 Elected Offices held in the town of Newton:

TOWNSMAN - 1686, 87
TITHINGMAN - 1690 (Church enforcer)
SELECTMAN - 1693, 94 (another publication says 1684-94)
Separation from Cambridge - 1686
Select County Clerk - 1689
Defend A. Jackson from Cambridge post - 1695
Claim for widow Clements -1695, 96
Repair Meeting House - 1681
Burying Cloth - 1693
Townsman meeting at his house - 1694 
Fuller, John Sr (I23)
239 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wright, K.M. (I5891)
240 En route to the Regial Hospital Jensen, Orville Hilliard (I274)
241 enlisted in the US Navy and served for 20 years, but was called back for WWII and served an additional 4 years. Cratte, John "Oliver" (I963)
242 Enlistment record. Assigned as private to 41st Regiment, Company E, atBenton Barracks. Age 46, eyes blue, hair gray, 5' 5" height. Déchanet, Sébastien Constantin (I61)
243 Entered a Homestead for NW 1/4 of Sec 2, Township 29, Range 23, West of 4 M. Fuller, Charles Woodman (I9)
244 Entered a homstead SW22 - Twp 120N - Rng 77W, Fayette District, Potter County, South Dacota, USA Buchholz, Wilhelm "William" (I217)
245 Episcaple Church Family F515
246 Epitaph on their mausoleum surmounted by the arms of Claude Guyot, joinedto those of Marie Perrenot, his wife"Here lies very illustrious peopleClaude Guyot of Lorraine, military rider, died on 7 October in the year1598 of the Lord ; and Lady Marie Perrenot, his wife.
Motivated by a pious regret:

Antoine Guyot, advisor prosecutor of the King in the attic salt inMontsaugeon, and Lady Jeanne Buffet, his wife; Lady Simonne Guyot, wifeof Hughes Argenton, Inspector of Forests of the Duchy of Langres;
Denis Guyot, agent of the cathedral chapter of Langres, and Lady JeanneArgenton, his wife; And Claude Guyot First judge of Langres and ladyPetronille Gousselin, his wife All their children: they can be heirs andemulators of their virtues!
May they rest in peace." 
Guyot, Claude (I6099)
247 Erik Larsen var den foerste i denne linie af familien Eriksen da alle hans boern havde navnet 'Eriksen' hvilket var den foerste gang i Danmark's historie at folk beholdt deres efternavn.

Oldefar Erik Larsen 13.12.1802-28.4.1856 var 29, da han overtog Nejst og samtidig blev gift. Men inden da havde han fået to døtre med to forskellige kærester: Marie Eriksdatter, f.18.10.1826 og Mette Kirstine Eriksdatter, f.14.7.1827, d.17.8.1827

Mette, hvis mor hed Jakobi Simonsdatter, døde som spæd, mens Marie voksede op på den anden Nejst-gård, som vi her kan kalde "Nejst II". Marie's mor hed Anne Jensdatter og var datter af Mariane Bertelsdatter og Jens Jakobsen, som først boede i Ø.Hassing, hvor Anne blev født i 1805, men derefter flyttede til "Nejst II". Anne mistede sin far, da hun var 10, og moderen giftede sig igen med den næste ejer af gården, Jens Sørensen.

Erik Larsen har således kendt Anne som datter på nabogården, og de var henholdsvis 24 og 21, da de sammen fik barnet Marie. Anne Jensdatter døde 24 år gl. i 1829 af mæslinger, og den da 3 årige Marie voksede fortsat op hos mormoderen, som efter sin anden mands død i 1835 fortsatte som husholder for sine sønner på "Nejst II" og - efter Erik Larsen's sammenlægning af de to gårde omkring 1840-45 - levede på aftægt hos ham og hans kone, og stadig med Marie hos sig. Mormor Mariane døde 75 år gl. i 1852, og derefter flyttede Marie, som da var blevet 26, til Løgstør. Om hun giftede sig der, eller hvordan det iøvrigt gik hende, vides ikke. Men man kan jo konstatere, at de mænd, som nu i tre generationer havde fået børn udenfor ægteskab, sammen med deres åbenbart tolerante koner viste disse børn omsorg.

Erik's kone var Anne Cathrine Jensdatter 24.11.1812-22.2.1897. Hun var fra Hellum sogn. Hendes forældre var ikke gift, men moderen Ane Christensdatter (1780-1847) havde fra 17 års alderen tjent hos faderen, aftægtsmand Jens Nielsen. Moderen kom forøvrigt til at bo hos datteren og sviger­Sønnen på Nejst i en årrække til sin død. Også nogle af Erik's søskende boede en tid på gården, og specielt den yngste bror Lars Andreas boede og arbejdede der i en halv snes år eller mere.

Erik og Anne Cathrine fik seks børn, hvoraf de to første døde som små:

Lars Eriksen, f.27.3.1833, d.5.3.1834
Lars Eriksen, f.27.4.1835, d.12.4.1836
Jens Eriksen, f.27.3.1837, d.17.2.1875
Lars Peter Eriksen, f. 8.5.1840, d.28.1.1911
Else Margrethe Eriksdatter, f.13.4.1844, d.21.6.1910
Knud Christian Eriksen, f. 12.10.1846, d.2.2.1898

Ligesom faderen blev Erik ikke så gammel. Han var kun 53, da han døde af "brystvattersot" (lunge-ødem) i 1856. Boet blev denne gang vurderet tredive gange højere end de 900 Rdl. 75 år tidligere. Som nævnt blev Erik på et tidspunkt mellem 1840-1845 ejer af begge Nejst-gårde, og det forklarer utvivlsomt sammen med udviklingen i konjunkturerne den betragtelige værdistigning. Boopgørelsen er ikke nær så detaljeret denne gang, så det er ikke muligt at sammenligne - ejheller at se, om den fine sølvsamling stadig var tilstede.

Anne Cathrine var kun 43, da Erik døde, og halvandet år efter giftede hun sig igen med Thøger Peter Thomsen10.5.1828 - ? [fra Thise]. Han var således godt 15 år yngre end hun og blev i en alder af 29 stedfar for hendes fire børn, som da var mellem 11 og 20 år. At de var glade for ham, kan vi slutte af, at to af dem senere opkaldte børn efter ham. Han var forøvrigt en fjern slægtning til hendes afdøde mand.

Han videreførte Nejst sammen med Anne Cathrine til hendes død 84 år gl. i 1897. Hendes ældste søn Jens var død alle­ rede i 1875, men han havde en datter, som et arstid eller to efter sin farmors [mors] død overtog Nejst sammen med sin mand. De havde på det tidspunkt tre børn og fik yderligere tre, mens de boede der.

De solgte gården ud af slægten på et tidspunkt mellem 1905- 1910. Om Thøger da stadig levede, vides ikke. Det har ikke kunnet efterspores, hvor og hvornar han døde.

Lars Peter Eriksen blev min farfar. Han blev gift med farmor Inger Marie Ottosdatter, og vi vender tilbage til dem og deres efterkommere, når vi har hørt både om farfars søskende og om farmors slægt. Men det skal her nævnes, at ved deres bryllup i december 1865 var Thøger Peter Thomsen forlover sammen med brudens far. 
Larsen, Erik (I123)
248 Erik Larsen was the origin of this line of the family Eriksen as all his children bore the name 'Eriksen' which was the first time in the history of Denmark when people kept their last name.

Great Grandfather Erik Larsen 13.12.1802-28.4.1856 was 29 when he took over Nejst while married. But before that, he had two daughters with two different lovers: Marie Eriksdatter, f.18.10.1826 and Mette Kirstine Eriksdatter , f.14.7.1827 , d.17.8.1827

Mette, whose mother's name Jakobi Simonsdatter, died in infancy, while Marie grew up on the other Nejst - farm, of which we can call" Nejst II". Marie's mother was Anne Jensdatter and was the daughter of Mariane Bertelsdatter and Jens Jakobsen, who first lived in Ø.Hassing where Anne was born in 1805 , but then moved on to " Nejst II " . Anne lost her father when she was 10, and her mother remarried the next owner of the farm, Jens Sorensen.

Erik Larsen had known Anne, the daughter of a neighboring farm, and they were 24 and 21 when they had the child ‘Marie’. Anne Jensdatter died at the age of 24 years old in 1829 of measles, and then 3 -year-old Marie continued and grew up with her grandmother, who after her second husband's death in 1835, continued as steward of her sons on " Nejst II " and after Erik Larsen merged the two farms around 1840-45, he lived on the farm as a pensioner with his wife, and Marie lived with her Grandmother Mariane, who died at 75 years old in 1852 , at which time Marie, who then was 26, moved to Loegstoer. Whether she ever married or how it incidentally went with her is not known. But you can see that the men, for three generations had children out of wedlock and their apparently tolerant wives took these children into their care.

Erik’s wife was Anne Cathrine Jensdatter 24.11.1812-22.2.1897. She was from Hellum parish. Her parents were not married, but her mother Ane Christensensttter (1780-1847) had been with the father, since she was 17 years old and the father, a pensioner was Jens Nielsen. The mother came and lived for several years with her daughter and son in-law on Nejst, until her death. Also, some of Erik’s siblings lived a time on the farm, especially the youngest brother Lars Andreas lived and worked there for a decade or more.

Eric and Anne Cathrine had six children, of whom the first two died in infancy :

Lars Eriksen, f.27.3.1833 , d.5.3.1834
Lars Eriksen, f.27.4.1835 , d.12.4.1836
Jens Eriksen, f.27.3.1837 , d.17.2.1875
Lars Peter Eriksen, born 05.08.1840 , d.28.1.1911
Else Margrethe Eriksdatter , f.13.4.1844 , d.21.6.1910
Knud Christian Eriksen , born 10.12.1846 , d.2.2.1898

Like his father, Erik did not live to an old age. He was only 53 when he died of pulmonary edema in 1856. The estate was at this time evaluated thirty times higher than the 900 Rdl . 75 years earlier. As mentioned, Erik sometime between 1840-1845owned both Nejst farms, and the explanation is undoubtedly linked to economic trends which accounts for the significant increase in value. Declaration of estate is not nearly as detailed at that time, so it is not possible to compare – nor to see if the fine silver collection was still present.

Anne Cathrine was only 43 when Erik died and within a half year she remarried with Thøger Peter Thomsen 05.10.1828 - ? [from Thise]. He was a good 15 years younger than she and at the age of 29 he became the stepfather to her four children, who were then between 11 and 20 years. That they loved him, we can conclude because two of them later named children after him. He was incidentally a remote relative of her late husband [Erik Larsen].

He continued on Nejst with Anne Cathrine until her death in 1897 at the age of 84 years old. Her eldest son Jens had already died in 1875, but her daughter who within one or two years after her grandmother's [ Mother’s] death took over Nejst with her husband. They had at that time three children and had three more, while they lived there.

They sold the family farm at some point between1905-1910. It is not known what happened to Thøger or where he lived. It has also not been traced when and where he died.

Lars Peter Eriksen was my grandfather. He married grandmother Inger Marie Ottosdatter, and we will get back to them and their descendants, when we have heard both the grandfather's siblings and grandmother's generation. It should be mentioned that at their wedding in December 1865, that Thøger Peter Thomsen was best man along with the bride's father. 
Larsen, Erik (I123)
249 Erik Pedersen 5.9.1723-sept, 1803 var ligesom faderen fæster på Nejst, som var den ene af to tvillingegårde under Vraa gods. Han giftede sig først, da han var 50 år. Men han havde udenfor ægteskab en søn: Peder Eriksen, f.1763. Drengens mor hed Sara Larsdatter. Måske er Peder vokset op på Nejst. I hvert fald opholdt han sig ifl. folket lling 1787 der som Erik's "uægte" søn. Senere blev han gift to gange, og i 1812 boede han på gården Striben.

Erik's kone: Ane Marie Jensdatter 1748-1791 var fra Foldstedgaard, Ajstrup sogn, men hendes forældre kendes ikke. Hun var 25, da de blev gift. De fik otte børn:

Laurs Erichsen, f. 1774, d.1826
dødfødt pige 1775
Jens Erichsen, f.1777, d.1777
Jens Erichsen, f. 1778
Karen Erichsdatter, f. 1780
Anders Erichsen, f. 1784
Peder Erichsen, f. 1786, d.1786
Margrethe Erichsdatter, f. 1789

Men så dør[d] Ane Marie kun 43 år gl. De fem overlevende børn er da i alderen 16 til 2 år, og Erik er selv 68 og betegnes som "en aldrende og skrøbelig mand". Han levede dog fortsat i 12 år.

Der har været velstand til huse. Da Erik blev enkemand, blev det samlede bo vurderet til godt 900 Rdl., og det var megetdengang. Der var bl.a. en usædvanlig samling af sølvsager, som tegnede sig for godt 100 Rdl. i vurderingen. Den bestod af tre sølvkander, fire sølvbægre og sytten Sølvskeer, alle med initialer og de fleste med årstal – fra 1609 til 1743. Den ældste kande havde endda fulde navne: Erich Skram og Anne Wind, og da de fleste af de andre ting også havde initialer med "S", kan der måske være tale om et auktionskøb efter slægten Skram.

Boet gik iøvrigt i arv på den måde, at Erik fik halvdelen, mens den anden halvdel blev fordelt mellem børnene, sådan at drengene fik dobbelt så meget som pigerne. For man reg­ nede med, at de senere skulle have medgift. På et tidspunkt overtager den ældste søn gården, og Erik lever resten af sit 80 årige liv på aft gt på Nejst. 
Petersen, Erik (I139)
250 Erik Pedersen 5.9.1723-sept, 1803 was like his father a tenant farmer on Nejst, which was one of two twin farms which were under the estate manor of Vraa. He married when he was 50. But he had one son out of wedlock: Peter Eriksen, f.1763. The boy's mother was Sara Larsdatter. Perhaps Peter grew up on Nejst. At least he shows up on the 1787 census as Erik's "illegitimate" son. Later he was married twice and in 1812 we found him living on the farm Striben.

Erik's wife Ane Marie Jensdatter 1748-1791 was from Foldsted farm, Ajstrup parish, but her parents are not known. She was 25 when they married. They had eight children:

Laurs Erichsen b. 1774 , d.1826
stillborn girl in 1775
Jens Erichsen, b.1777, d.1777
Jens Erichsen, born in 1778
Karen Erichsdatter, b 1780
Anders Erichsen, b. 1784
Peter Erichsen, b. 1786 d.1786
Margrethe Erichsdatter, b. 1789

But then Ane Marie died at only 43 years old. The five surviving children were aged 16 to 2 years and Erik was 68 and described as "an aging and frail man." He did however, live for another 12 years.

There had been some wealth on this farm. When Eric became a widower, the total value of the estate was over 900 Rdl, and that was very much at that time. This included an unusual collection of silver objects, which accounted for just over 100 Rdl. in the assessment. It consisted of three silver pitchers, four silver cups and seventeen silver spoons, all with initials and most from the years 1609 to 1743. The oldest pitcher even had full names engraved, Erich Skram and Anne Wind, and since most of the other things also had initials with "S", it might be possible these were from an estate auction sale by the Skram family.

The estate had been passed down in a way that Erik got half, while the other half was divided among the children, so that the boys got twice as much as the girls. This was the custom as they would later have the dowry.At some point the eldest son [Laurs] took over the farm, and Erik lived the rest of his 80 year life as a pensioner on Nejst. 
Petersen, Erik (I139)
251 Farfars bror Jens Eriksen 27.3.1837-17.2.1875 blev gift med Else Pedersen, boede på Hvilshøj, ØBrønderslev og havde fire børn:
1. Erik Eriksen, f.?
2. Else Marie Eriksen, f.24.12.1863, d.7.8.1921, overtog sammen med sin mand, Jørgen Peter Jørgensen (15.5.1863-13.4.1939) sin fars barndomshjem og blev således den sidste af slægten, der kom til at bo på Nejst. De fik børnene:
a. Else Jørgensen, f.19.10.1886
b. Jens Andreas Jørgensen, f.12.8.1890
c. Erik Kristian Jørgensen, f.1892, død som lille
d. Kaj Marius Jørgensen, f.1894, død som lille
e. Kaj Kristian Jørgensen, f.31.7.1892
f. Erik Jørgensen, f.3.7.1899
g. Karl Anker Jørgensen, f.4.4.1903
h. Poul Jørgensen, f.13.1.1905
3. Katrine Eriksen, f.?
4. Peder Eriksen, f.? 
Eriksen, Jens (I563)
252 Farfars bror Knud Christian Eriksen 12.10.1846-2.2.1898 blev gift med Elisabeth Knudsen Toft (16.2.1850-1888) fra Hals Nørreskov og blev gårdejer i Nørhalne, Biersted. De fik 9 børn:

1.Erik Larsen Eriksen, (15.7.1874-19??), blev maskin­ fabrikant i Trondheim, men flyttede 1921 til Søholt ved Silkeborg med sin norskfødte kone Henriette Berre (f.26.1.1879). De fik børnene:

a. Knut Berre Eriksen, f.5.9.1907
b. Hans Theodor Eriksen, f.1.1.1909
c. Jens Eriksen, f.30.8.1911
d. Per Eriksen, f.17.10.1912
e. Elisabeth Margrethe Eriksen, f.22.1.1914
f. Else Jane Eriksen, f.22.6.1916
2.Maren Eriksen (12.4.1876-1908) blev gift med Niels Peter Hansen (1872-1939) og bosat på en landejendom på Sjælland.

3.Knud Toft Eriksen (10.1.1878-19??) blev mejerimaskinemontøri Oslo og gift med Gunda Isdal, født i Trondheim 17.9.1893.De fik fem børn:

a. Erik Nejst Eriksen, f.27.8.1916
b. Knut Toft Eriksen, f.10.6.1918
c. Bjørn Eriksen, f.15.9.1920
d. Berit Kirstine Eriksen, f.1.12.1923
e. Elisabeth Eriksen, f.25.9.1928

4.Jens Eriksen (8.2.1879-19??) blev ansat hos Ford I Detroit og blev Ford's repræsentant i Danmark. Gift med Rita Dahl, med hvem han fik sønnen:
a. Richard Eriksen, f.3.3.1918

5.Thøger Peter Eriksen (28.8.1881-19??) blev gift med Rigmor Johanne Fæck (28.4.1885-19??) og havde i nogle år Kristianshaab i Stae, inden de omkring 1910 udvandrede til Detroit. De fik fire børn, hvoraf de to første er født i Stae:

a. Tove Eriksen, f.1906
b. Inge Eriksen, f.1908
c. Ib Eriksen, f.1911
d. John Ted Eriksen, f.1918

6.Katrine Eriksen (20.10.1882-19??) blev gift med gårdejer Knud V.Nielsen (1875-19??), Sundbylille, Frederikssund, og fik fire børn:

a. Elisabeth Nielsen, f.3.3.1911
b. Knud Nielsen, f.1.5.1912
c. Else Nielsen, f.11.2.1914
d. Svend Nielsen, f.2.4.1916

7.Anne Kristine Eriksen (24.1.1884-25.1.1955) var ugift og havde manufakturforretning i Hals, ligesom hun skal have været husholderske hos sin kusine Anna Lorentzen, gift Jørgensen, på Vesterheden.

8.Emilie Adolfe Eriksen døde som spæd.

9.Else Margrethe Eriksen (13.3.1887-13.10.1955) blev gift med forpagter på Lindholm Søndergaard Bertel Krogh (6.3.1887-22.12.1983). De fik fire børn:

a. Erik Krogh, f.16.8.1912
b. Inger Krogh, f.19.12.1913, gift Køllgaard.
c. Kirsten Krogh, f.9.5.1916
d. Christen Krogh, f.26.9.1922 
Eriksen, Knud Christian (I571)
253 Farfars søster Else Margrethe Eriksen 13.8.1844-21.6.1910 blev 22 år gl. gift med Adolf Emil Lorentsen (1842-1885), Vesterheden i Hals. (Hos denne tante Else boede min far en tid, da han gik i skole i Hals). De havde datteren:
1. Anna Lorentsen (1867-1911), hvis mand Jens V.Jørgensen (1860-1942) overtog Vesterheden. De fik tre sønner:

a. Adolf Emil Jørgensen
b. Andreas Jørgensen, f.18.5.1898, d.1926, g.m.Helene Toft (se side 16)
c. Karl Jørgensen 
Eriksen, Else Margrethe (I570)
254 farm accident West of Airdrie Giles, Douglas Ross (I2499)
255 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1059
256 Father's internment record indicates her name was Etta Buisson, Angelina "Etta" (I1620)
257 Father's obit says he was a Dr. and his 1930 census shows that he was a dentist in Montana Buisson, Dr. Daniel Shaw (I1621)
258 Findagrave.com, online listing, no photo [discovered by P. Baschiera].May 2013. Tresse, Nicolas Alexandre (I8223)
259 First Settlers Monument, East Burying Ground, Newton, MA Hyde, Jonathan (I49)
260 First Settlers Monument, East Burying Ground, Newton, MA. Williams, Captain Isaac I (I51)
261 First Settlers Monument, East Burying Ground, Newton, MA. Also Plot 110 Ward, John Sr. (I55)
262 First Settlers Monument, East Burying Ground, Newton, MA. Also Plot 291
91 YEARS & 5 mon
1 6 8 1” 
Jackson, Edward (I61)
263 Fit partie de la "Jeune Garde" de Napoléon régiment 11ème tirailleurs,34ème ligne. [Was part of the "Young Guard" of Napoleon. 11th regimentinfantry, the 34th line] From Francoise Ballot, Feb 2012. Déchanet, Claude (I8004)
264 forced Major Zachary Taylor to retreat during his attempt to recapture the fort at Prairie du Chein Wis. In recognition of his role in this action he was promoted to a Captain. Graham, Captain Duncan (I127)
265 Fort Riley Military Reservation Fuller, James Howard (I294)
266 François FREMIOT occupied, indirectly, the Desk Chair of this Churchsince he was named fiscal procuror. He said that this Chair belonged tothe Fiscal against the opinion of all ancients. He was dismissed of thisplace by sentence of the 30 august 1651 by Mr, The General Lieutenant ofthe Royal Bailliwick at Langres with defense to him and others todisturb the Priests of this place. Fremyot, François (I5907)
267 Freedom Admissions to the Barber Surgeons' Company: "Randulphe Cole admitted the Apprentice of Allexander Elliot" Cole, Walter Randall (I25)
268 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hanson, J.F. (I6748)
269 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Schneider, R. (I6769)
270 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Claude (I8004)
271 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Claude (I8004)
272 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Toulouse, Jeanne (I8213)
273 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Louis Charles Victor (I8216)
274 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Meutelet, Marie Rose Elisa (I8215)
275 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Nicolas Ferdinand Jules (I8214)
276 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Nicolas Ferdinand Jules (I8214)
277 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Toulouse, Jeanne (I8213)
278 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Girard, Claude (I8212)
279 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Girard, Claude (I8212)
280 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Girard, Marie Julie (I8211)
281 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Girard, Marie Julie (I8211)
282 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Jean Baptiste (I8210)
283 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Jean Baptiste (I8210)
284 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Valansan, Antoinette Angelina (I8217)
285 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Déchanet, Micheline Gabrielle (I8218)
286 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Ballot, Valère Henri Charles (I8219)
287 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Ballot, Valère Henri Charles (I8219)
288 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ballot, F.R. (I8220)
289 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Family F790
290 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Family F792
291 from Geaneanet Tree of Françoise BALLOT (fbdorleans). Feb 2012. Family F793
292 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F795
293 From Geneanet web site of Nadine BRETAGNOLLE (nadinebretag). May 2012. Vatelet, Françoise Angélique (I7144)
294 from headstone Sturtevant, Achsa Gertrude (I5912)
295 from P. Baschiera, in emails of May 2013. Family F200
296 From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, Boston, MA, USA.. "Middlesex Probate Court Records - Isaac Fuller, 1745; Number 8740" "List of children as of 29 Dec 1746 does not show a child 'Abigail' " Source Source: S17 (S17)
297 From records supplied by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, Boston, MA, USA.. Differs from the History Books. Source Source: S16 (S16)
298 from website: Newton-families Newton, Elias (I5997)
299 Født den hendes søster Elisabeth 12th fødselsdag.

Born on her sister Elisabeth's 12th Birthday. 
Eriksen, Jenny Margrethe (I576)
300 Før 1793 Holtegaard var i Aalborghus Amt

Prior to 1793 Holtegaard was in Aalborghus County 
Christensen, Jens (I155)

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