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801 With my grandmother Inge Marie Ottosdatter’s line, we go back approximately 300 years in time and meet our family who were tenant farmers and had an opportunity to become freehold farm owners due to the introduction of the land rental/ownership reform law of 1788.

On the farm, Nejst we found the first known "Eriksen" with my 3 x great-grandfather “Peder Jensen”. Here we also find the first known "Ottosen" through one of my 3 x great- great grandfathers, namely Anders Jensen 1682 – 1774, who was a tenant farmer in Lyngdrup and was married twice. First to Mette Christensensdatter, 1690 – 1729 who was born on Holtegaard, and then secondly to Ane Marcusdatter, 1696 – 1772. It is not known whether Anders had any children with his first wife, nor if in his second marriage there were any children other than his son Jens, who was born when Anders was 55 and Anne 41 years old. 
Jensen, Anders (I149)
802 with whom he had 14 children. Family F50
803 World War I Veteran, No.7377097, Private, 113 th Battalion, drafted to 16th Battalion to France. Sustained a gun shot would at Vimy Ridge on 9 April, 1917, the first day of that battle. He spent many months in hospitals before returning to Canada. Fuller, Milton "Glen" (I243)
804 World War I Veteran. No. 809174 Sapper, 137th Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) and Canaidian Railway Force (CRF). Fuller, Harry Vincent (I241)
805 WW1 army doctor,Major Reedy, Dr. Philip Graham (I983)
806 Y Crête supplied an English copy of a newspaper article written by Mr. Meinier and published on 28 Nov 1872 in the French version of L'Opinion Publique, Bio in Montreal. Meinier describes a trip to Wabasha in 1871 to visit his father and while there interviewed Oliver Cratte several times and wrote this newspaper article about Oliver's life.

Y Crête supplied this information to the editor of an online version of The History of Wabasha County published 1884, to correct the birth place mentioned in the 1884 publication and supplied a copy of this newspaper article about Oliver's life.

The online version of the 1884 book is located at: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnwabbio/wab1.shtml#book#book

You will find this information in the Biography section of Oliver Cratte. 
Source Source: S53 (S53)
807 [16 ventôse an 8] Déchanet, Vennebaut (I6170)
808 [2 germinal an 7] Déchanet, Marie Thereze (I6171)
809 [25 nivôse an 3] Déchanet, Marianne Charllotte (I6172)
810 [day was hard to read] Fremiot, Anne (I6662)

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