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William Draper

Male 1774 - 1854  (80 years)

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William Draper
Male 1774-1854
Phoebe Draper
Female 1797-1879
Ebenezer Brown
Male 1802-1878
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Ester Ann Munro
Female 1839-1910
John Boulter
Male 1834-1907
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William Boulter
Male 1829-1905
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Henry Munro
Male 1792-1847
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Lehi Heward
Male 1851-1926
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Newman Buckley
Male 1817-1893
Emaline Palmer
Female 1848-1919
Frank D. Palmer
Male 1856-1943
Ida Palmer
Female 1860-
Asahel Palmer, Asa
Male 1819-Bef 1880
Evaline A. Carter
Female Abt 1821-Aft 1880
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Christian Jensen
Male 1851-1928
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Zilpha Palmer
Female 1876-1941
Viola Palmer
Female 1880-1937
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Frank Smith
Male Abt 1847-
Eliza Palmer
Female 1824-Bef 1832
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Isaac Bruno
Male 1850-1938
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Clara Bruno
Female 1850-1925
Henry Knowles
Male Abt 1846-
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William Ward
Male Abt 1849-Abt 1886
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Unknown Brandon
Male Abt 1849-
Unknown Buchanan
Male Abt 1849-
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William Bruno
Male 1857-1931
John Bruno
Male 1859-
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Fred Bruno
Male 1863-Abt 1863
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Charles Bruno
Male 1866-1944
Eliza Palmer
Female 1831-1880
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Mary Dell Palmer
Female 1865-1865
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Ann Palmer
Female 1877-1877
Zemira Palmer
Male 1831-1880
Caroline Jacques
Female 1841-1877
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Mary Palmer
Female 1855-1855
Martha Palmer
Female 1855-1855
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Phoebe Palmer
Female 1858-1936
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Mary Ann Black
Female 1861-1880
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Emma Palmer
Female 1867-1947
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Joseph Palmer
Male 1874-1961
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Chloe Palmer
Female 1878-1916
Sally Knight
Female 1836-1916
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Elizabeth Allen
Female 1882-1944
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Alice Choules
Female 1870-1955
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Maryette Allred
Female 1864-1867
Elzina Anderson Allred
Female Abt 1865-1933
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Elmina Allred
Female 1866-1958
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Rhoda Ann Palmer
Female 1834-1879
George Palmer
Male 1795-Abt 1833
Carson Draper
Male Abt 1799-1858
Lucretia Draper
Female Abt 1802-
Fannie Draper
Female 1804-1865
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William Draper
Male Aft 1825-
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Mary Ann Bateman
Female 1849-1931
William Draper
Male 1807-1886
Elizabeth Staker
Female 1806-1854
Almon Draper
Male 1846-1919
Amy Hansen
Female 1852-1889
Dora Richards
Female 1892-1957
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Ernest Draper
Male 1898-1935
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Mary Kimball
Female Abt 1870-1961
Sadie M. Kimball
Female Abt 1873-
Phoebe Kimball
Female Abt 1875-
Florence Kimball
Female Abt 1881-
Mary Ann Draper
Female 1849-1921
Caroline Draper
Female 1850-1926
David P. Draper
Male 1852-1854
Eliza Maud Smith
Female 1875-1962
Mary Ann Smith
Female 1884-1981
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Lee Lemon Smith
Male 1889-1919
Eliza Jane Draper
Female 1854-20 Nov
Orsen S. Draper
Male Abt 1879-
Erma V. Draper
Female Abt 1886-
Anni B. Draper
Female Abt 1888-
Florence M. Draper
Female Abt 1891-1928
Oliver S. Draper
Male Abt 1893-
Lula Dean Draper
Female Abt 1901-
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Atemesia Draper
Female 1857-1940
Franklin Draper
Male 1859-Bef 1859
Malona Draper
Female 1860-1941
Alzina Draper
Female 1862-1862
Oren Draper
Male 1864-1943
Aury Draper
Male 1869-1961
Ordenesey Draper
Male 1871-1871
Mary Ann Manhard
Female 1827-1909
Mary Howarth
Female 1831-1902
William Bruno
Male 1857-1931
Emmett Lee Bruno
Male 1893-1977
Alma Miller
Female Abt 1897-
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Scott Ruel Bruno
Male 1902-1902
Fanny Newton
Female 1834-1907
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Mary Covington
Female 1862-1932
Alonzo Frink
Male 1858-1918
Abner McCrary
Male 1866-1947
Selina Dewitt
Female 1871-1939
Ira Draper
Male 1828-1899
Anson Van Leuven
Male 1851-1920
Lydia Draper
Female 1809-1893
Zemira Draper
Male 1812-1876
Ammon Draper
Male Abt 1854-1881
Phoebe Draper
Female 1857-1908
Henry Stocks
Male 1851-1926
Zilpha Draper
Female 1861-1881
Vilote Dalton
Female 1872-1933
Amy Terry
Female 1821-1900
Marvin Draper
Male Abt 1814-
Lydia Lathrop
Female 1775-1846
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