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Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hill, Albert Emerson  6 Mar 1904Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128301 DonFuller 
2 Hill, Charles Prentice  18 Oct 1899Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128299 DonFuller 
3 Hill, Della Ruth  18 Jul 1902Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128300 DonFuller 
4 Hill, Ida Alberta  13 May 1913Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128302 DonFuller 
5 Lloyd, Florence B.  1888Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128321 DonFuller 
6 Lloyd, Son  1886Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128320 DonFuller 
7 Peckham, Myrtle A.  1888Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128309 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bond, Albert Delos  7 Feb 1900Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128287 DonFuller 
2 Bond, DeWitt Clinton  30 Mar 1903Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128290 DonFuller 
3 Bond, Irma Elnora  15 Feb 1948Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128294 DonFuller 
4 Bond, Mary A.  1902Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128310 DonFuller 
5 Bond, William Fletcher  16 Apr 1898Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128281 DonFuller 
6 Hill, Albert  17 Sep 1950Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128298 DonFuller 
7 Hill, Della Ruth  27 Apr 1914Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128300 DonFuller 
8 Johnson, Margaret E.  1928Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128307 DonFuller 
9 Lloyd, Florence B.  1889Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128321 DonFuller 
10 Lloyd, Son  1886Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128320 DonFuller 
11 Price, Emeline  1900Alexandria,Hanson,South Dakota,USA I128317 DonFuller 
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