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Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Booth, Jessie Roxana  6 Nov 1885Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33604 DonFuller 
2 Buckley, Barnard  12 Jul 1854Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112635 DonFuller 
3 Clendaniel, Alfred  24 Jun 1886Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I14793 DonFuller 
4 Heberlein, Carl  16 Apr 1894Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I14802 DonFuller 
5 Heberlein, Earl  23 Jul 1892Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I14800 DonFuller 
6 Heberlein, Floyd John  1 Aug 1879Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I14792 DonFuller 
7 Heberlein, Murville  25 Nov 1896Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I14805 DonFuller 
8 Schuster, Florence Stowell  29 Apr 1903Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112298 DonFuller 
9 Stowell, Alice Minerva  11 Dec 1913Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112303 DonFuller 
10 Stowell, Alta May  23 Jan 1912Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112301 DonFuller 
11 Stowell, Caroline Dorilla  29 Dec 1872Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87202 DonFuller 
12 Stowell, Edward Walsworth  12 Nov 1856Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33401 DonFuller 
13 Stowell, Emily Permelia  12 Jul 1860Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33403 DonFuller 
14 Stowell, Harris Wilbur  23 Oct 1894Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112273 DonFuller 
15 Stowell, Jasper Webster  3 Dec 1886Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I82862 DonFuller 
16 Stowell, Jennie Arabella  3 Oct 1879Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87204 DonFuller 
17 Stowell, Jesse Ceylon  5 Oct 1870Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I82860 DonFuller 
18 Stowell, Josephine Lavinia  7 Dec 1852Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33399 DonFuller 
19 Stowell, Lillian Etna  27 Dec 1874Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87206 DonFuller 
20 Stowell, Lizzie Emily  24 Jun 1866Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I82837 DonFuller 
21 Stowell, Marcia Ethel  14 Mar 1884Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87201 DonFuller 
22 Stowell, Marietta Frances  24 Jun 1858Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33402 DonFuller 
23 Stowell, Mariette Emma  6 Nov 1881Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87203 DonFuller 
24 Stowell, May  29 Dec 1896Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112272 DonFuller 
25 Stowell, Melvina Metella  26 Jul 1868Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I82859 DonFuller 
26 Stowell, Raymond Arthur  23 Jan 1890Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I82861 DonFuller 
27 Stowell, Warren Asa  1 May 1883Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33425 DonFuller 
28 Stowell, Warren Verdelle  20 Jul 1877Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I87205 DonFuller 
29 Stowell, Winifred Leah  27 Jan 1899Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112271 DonFuller 
30 Vroman, Alice Grace  30 Apr 1892Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112302 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brailey, Carrie  12 Oct 1883Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I48371 DonFuller 
2 Stowell, Edward Walsworth  20 Oct 1858Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33401 DonFuller 
3 Stowell, Second Lieutenant Elisha P.  20 Nov 1881Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33385 DonFuller 
4 Stowell, Emily Permelia  12 Aug 1861Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33403 DonFuller 
5 Stowell, Josephine Lavinia  6 Dec 1853Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I33399 DonFuller 
6 Stowell, May  Jan 1897Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA I112272 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bolton / Stowell  26 Nov 1898Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F9489 DonFuller 
2 Clendaniel / Stowell  24 Dec 1881Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F28645 DonFuller 
3 Heberlein / Stowell  6 Oct 1878Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F28656 DonFuller 
4 Phillips / Stowell  17 Jul 1907Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F38333 DonFuller 
5 Schuster / Stowell  16 Oct 1901Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F9517 DonFuller 
6 Stowell / Eighme  Sep 1856Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F10968 DonFuller 
7 Stowell / Nephenthaler  18 Mar 1865Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F28646 DonFuller 
8 Stowell / Vroman  26 Apr 1911Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F30081 DonFuller 
9 Sweet / Stowell  18 Nov 1894Big Spring,,Wisconsin, USA F9491 DonFuller 
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