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Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burditt, Daniel  24 Jan 1758Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I49336 DonFuller 
2 Burditt, Sarah  1765Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I49335 DonFuller 
3 Kelly, F.W.   I135686 DonFuller 
4 Robinson, Helen Raymond  1865Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138381 DonFuller 
5 Robinson, Mary Fairfield  Abt 1865Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138382 DonFuller 
6 Sargent, Howard Crosby  11 Apr 1896Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I125832 DonFuller 
7 Sargent, Joseph William  3 Dec 1898Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I125833 DonFuller 
8 Stowell, Clara Eugenia  15 Dec 1872Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112021 DonFuller 
9 Stowell, Florence C.  29 Jul 1875Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112022 DonFuller 
10 Tufts, John H. W.  29 Oct 1841Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112589 DonFuller 
11 Wait, David  5 May 1795Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I4046 DonFuller 
12 Weston, Susan  1 Jan 1787Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I69566 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Ella S.  24 Nov 1917Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138190 DonFuller 
2 Chase, Adaline H.  4 May 1904Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112196 DonFuller 
3 Conner, Joseph Chandler  1 Feb 1893Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138357 DonFuller 
4 Duff, Samuel Lawson Sr.  12 Sep 1935Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I57580 DonFuller 
5 Hall, Eliza Titcomb  26 Aug 1873Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I139445 DonFuller 
6 McLeod, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1885Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112587 DonFuller 
7 Nickerson, Phebe Ann  24 Sep 1904Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I136278 DonFuller 
8 Olsen, Lilla Jane  1 Jun 1926Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I57578 DonFuller 
9 Paige, Hannah E.  Nov 1922Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I141818 DonFuller 
10 Robinson, Roswell Raymond  27 Apr 1923Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138355 DonFuller 
11 Rogers, Jane Augusta  7 Mar 1905Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I138380 DonFuller 
12 Stowell, John Colby  8 Dec 1900Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I111985 DonFuller 
13 Stowell, William E.  23 Feb 1875Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I112020 DonFuller 
14 Stratton, Dana  1850Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I26059 DonFuller 
15 Wait, David  4 Sep 1865Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I4046 DonFuller 
16 Winch, Enoch Brown  17 Jul 1899Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I3677 DonFuller 
17 Winch, Mary Jane  19 Jan 1917Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I3678 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Duff, Samuel Lawson Sr.  15 Sep 1935Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I57580 DonFuller 
2 Gleason, Haskell Winsor  Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I60161 DonFuller 
3 Olsen, Lilla Jane  3 Jun 1926Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I57578 DonFuller 
4 Paige, Hannah E.  2 Dec 1922Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA I141818 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Conner / Bool  1 Jan 1895Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F48065 DonFuller 
2 Conner / Jones  30 Aug 1859Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F48044 DonFuller 
3 Dame / Unknown  10 Jan 1940Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F41022 DonFuller 
4 Duff / Olsen  22 Sep 1906Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F19438 DonFuller 
5 Robinson / Rogers  25 Feb 1862Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F48041 DonFuller 
6 Townsend / Stratton  14 Feb 1811Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F43801 DonFuller 
7 Tufts / Stowell  26 Nov 1873Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F38437 DonFuller 
8 Wing / Alston  17 Jun 1895Malden,Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA F46808 DonFuller 
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