Our FULLER Ancestors


Washington,District of Columbia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Eleanor Chase  Abt 1876Washington,District of Columbia, USA I78150 DonFuller 
2 Grosvenor, Elsie Alexandra Carolyn  3 Mar 1911Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57848 DonFuller 
3 Grosvenor, Lillian Waters  8 Apr 1907Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57847 DonFuller 
4 Grosvenor, Melville Bell  26 Nov 1901Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57782 DonFuller 
5 Wiswall, Anna Marean  20 Feb 1870Washington,District of Columbia, USA I62776 DonFuller 
6 Wiswall, Ruth Houghton  25 Mar 1872Washington,District of Columbia, USA I62777 DonFuller 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berlin, Stanley Wilkes  Apr 1974Washington,District of Columbia, USA I36098 DonFuller 
2 Campbell, Philip Pitt  26 May 1941Washington,District of Columbia, USA I31367 DonFuller 
3 Coville, Cabot Sr.  16 Feb 1987Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57853 DonFuller 
4 Eldridge, William Case  5 Sep 1885Washington,District of Columbia, USA I102645 DonFuller 
5 Farr, Lionel Ballantyne  20 Jun 1968Washington,District of Columbia, USA I33284 DonFuller 
6 Grosvenor, Elsie Alexandra Carolyn  30 Dec 2004Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57848 DonFuller 
7 Grosvenor, Gertrude Hubbard  1986Washington,District of Columbia, USA I57849 DonFuller 
8 Henshaw, Henry Wetherbee  1 Aug 1930Washington,District of Columbia, USA I108511 DonFuller 
9 Herron, Helen  22 May 1943Washington,District of Columbia, USA I5075 DonFuller 
10 Newton, Harriet Walbridge  3 Apr 1934Washington,District of Columbia, USA I124458 DonFuller 
11 Patchen, Charles  Sep 1893Washington,District of Columbia, USA I87121 DonFuller 
12 Robinson, Abigale Robina  27 Mar 1890Washington,District of Columbia, USA I102644 DonFuller 
13 Shepard, Alice Bradford  7 May 1936Washington,District of Columbia, USA I125214 DonFuller 
14 Taft, President William Howard  8 Mar 1930Washington,District of Columbia, USA I5074 DonFuller 
15 Taylor, Delmar L.  Dec 1977Washington,District of Columbia, USA I75748 DonFuller 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brigham / Conway  27 Nov 1918Washington,District of Columbia, USA F37589 DonFuller 
2 Cutting / Coonan  6 Mar 1914Washington,District of Columbia, USA F15372 DonFuller 
3 Ellsworth / Berry  11 Aug 1934Washington,District of Columbia, USA F6271 DonFuller 
4 Hurson / Johnson  4 Jun 1937Washington,District of Columbia, USA F56 DonFuller 
5 Shepard / White  Washington,District of Columbia, USA F43264 DonFuller 
6 Taylor / Burdette  9 May 1929Washington,District of Columbia, USA F26143 DonFuller 
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