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Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA


Tree: fullereriksen

Latitude: 44.5511745, Longitude: -70.0861692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Berry, Louise Ann  05 Oct 1903Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5857 fullereriksen 
2 Gordon, Eugene  28 Oct 1837Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4719 fullereriksen 
3 Judkins, Ada Emmeline  01 Mar 1877Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4715 fullereriksen 
4 Judkins, Charles Edwin  24 Mar 1859Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4705 fullereriksen 
5 Judkins, Charles Henry  28 Jan 1830Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4598 fullereriksen 
6 Judkins, Clara Leonora  15 Jun 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4706 fullereriksen 
7 Judkins, George S.  18 Nov 1873Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4713 fullereriksen 
8 Judkins, Hattie Adelaide  03 Aug 1866Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4709 fullereriksen 
9 Judkins, Henry Edgar  11 Jun 1864Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4708 fullereriksen 
10 Judkins, Henry Perley  08 Oct 1868Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4711 fullereriksen 
11 Judkins, John S.  18 Mar 1875Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4714 fullereriksen 
12 Judkins, Velzoretta  08 Aug 1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4704 fullereriksen 
13 Lamkin, Roy Luther  05 Aug 1902Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5863 fullereriksen 
14 Richards, Drusilla G.  27 Jan 1872Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4610 fullereriksen 
15 Richards, Ellis B.  Jul 1894Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4674 fullereriksen 
16 Richards, Etta M.  13 Feb 1898Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I1799 fullereriksen 
17 Richards, Frank N.  24 Jul 1865Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4608 fullereriksen 
18 Richards, Fred E.  14 Apr 1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4604 fullereriksen 
19 Richards, Ida E.  23 May 1899Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I1802 fullereriksen 
20 Richards, John W.  19 Dec 1858Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4605 fullereriksen 
21 Richards, Joseph E.  21 Mar 1856Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4671 fullereriksen 
22 Richards, Joseph S.  05 Feb 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4606 fullereriksen 
23 Richards, Martha H.  16 Aug 1869Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4609 fullereriksen 
24 Richards, Nettie Francis  25 Apr 1877Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4611 fullereriksen 
25 Richards, William F.  03 Dec 1862Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4607 fullereriksen 
26 Richards, Williamina S.  15 Mar 1893Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4673 fullereriksen 
27 Soper, Florence M.  16 Jun 1907Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5864 fullereriksen 
28 Sturtevant, Achsa Gertrude  May 1864Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5912 fullereriksen 
29 Sturtevant, Augusta M.  Dec 1859Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5917 fullereriksen 
30 Sturtevant, Sarah F.  1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5916 fullereriksen 
31 Wright, Elmer Augustine  15 May 1875Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4723 fullereriksen 
32 Young, Clara Mae  Apr 1880Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4717 fullereriksen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blake, Emma  04 Apr 1912Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4864 fullereriksen 
2 Fisk, Orissa Ann  25 Aug 1867Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4576 fullereriksen 
3 Fuller, Adeline Tansey  05 Feb 1891Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4597 fullereriksen 
4 Fuller, Ann "Maria"  04 Jul 1913Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4596 fullereriksen 
5 Fuller, Eugene L.  Abt 1869Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4602 fullereriksen 
6 Gordon, Eugene  08 Sep 1911Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4719 fullereriksen 
7 Gordon, Frank Edgar  29 May 1942Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4716 fullereriksen 
8 Greenleaf, Mary H.  12 Mar 1885Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I58 fullereriksen 
9 Judkins, Charles Edwin  21 Jan 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4705 fullereriksen 
10 Judkins, Charles Henry  17 Jul 1908Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4598 fullereriksen 
11 Judkins, Henry Edgar  26 Feb 1866Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4708 fullereriksen 
12 Judkins, John S.  28 May 1909Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4714 fullereriksen 
13 Judkins, Velzoretta  11 Dec 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4704 fullereriksen 
14 Lamkin, Roy Luther  03 Feb 1994Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5863 fullereriksen 
15 Lovejoy, Mary Ellen  24 Feb 1961Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4724 fullereriksen 
16 Moore, Susan Elizabeth  03 Feb 1875Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4720 fullereriksen 
17 Richards, Joseph E.  29 Apr 1856Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4671 fullereriksen 
18 Richards, Joseph S.  26 May 1872Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4606 fullereriksen 
19 Richards, Simeon E.  27 Nov 1893Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5852 fullereriksen 
20 Soper, Florence M.  31 Jul 1961Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5864 fullereriksen 
21 Wright, Louis Elmer  23 Jun 1995Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4722 fullereriksen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fisk, Orissa Ann  06 Jun 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4576 fullereriksen 
2 Fuller, Adeline Tansey  04 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4597 fullereriksen 
3 Fuller, Adeline Tansey  03 Jun 1880Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4597 fullereriksen 
4 Fuller, Ann "Maria"  12 Jun 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4596 fullereriksen 
5 Fuller, Ann "Maria"  20 Jun 1900Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4596 fullereriksen 
6 Fuller, Ann "Maria"  28 Apr 1910Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4596 fullereriksen 
7 Fuller, Clifton S.  04 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4603 fullereriksen 
8 Fuller, Emma "Melissa"  04 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4599 fullereriksen 
9 Fuller, Emma "Melissa"  08 Jun 1880Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4599 fullereriksen 
10 Fuller, George S.  04 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4575 fullereriksen 
11 Fuller, Mary Elizabeth "Lizie"  02 Jun 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4588 fullereriksen 
12 Fuller, Millie E.  04 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5853 fullereriksen 
13 Fuller, Millie E.  08 Jun 1880Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I5853 fullereriksen 
14 Greenleaf, Mary H.  16 Jun 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I58 fullereriksen 
15 Greenleaf, Mary H.  21 Jun 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I58 fullereriksen 
16 Greenleaf, Mary H.  14 Jun 1880Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I58 fullereriksen 
17 Knowles, Maurice  20 Jun 1900Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4710 fullereriksen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gordon, Eugene  20 Jun 1865Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4719 fullereriksen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greenleaf, Mary H.  19 Aug 1864Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I58 fullereriksen 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fuller / King  17 Aug 1870Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1032 fullereriksen 
2 Gordon / Fuller  1879Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1070 fullereriksen 
3 Gordon / Judkins  13 Jul 1903Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1068 fullereriksen 
4 Judkins / Farrington  22 Dec 1894Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1067 fullereriksen 
5 Judkins / Fuller  22 Nov 1855Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1044 fullereriksen 
6 Knowles / Canwell  21 Sep 1907Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F804 fullereriksen 
7 Knowles / Judkins  1885Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F805 fullereriksen 
8 Ridley / Wright  20 Nov 1954Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1092 fullereriksen 
9 Young / Judkins  19 Jun 1879Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F1066 fullereriksen 


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   Family    Census    Family ID   Tree 
1 Richards / Fogg  09 Jan 1920Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F809 fullereriksen 
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